Technical Advisory Council
Applied Solutions has launched a Technical Advisory Council which is comprised of local government staff with technical expertise in the areas of energy, water, transportation or financial mechanisms. This Council exists to provide deeper engagement across counties and cities to assist in developing tools and systems which work for us. While the Council’s work is available and open to any local government, we maintain an emphasis on small or mid-size counties and cities as these communities operate differently than large metropolitan areas and often do not have the staffed infrastructure of the large cities of the world. Often their experience reflects more appropriate solutions to energy, water and transportation issues for exchange amongst our peers. The Council has formed to provide this information and expertise exchange platform for the benefit of any local government who wishes to engage.

Below is an outline of the purpose and tasks of the Applied Solutions Technical Advisory Council. Please contact us at  if you wish to participate or inquire about any of the Council’s activities. 

Collaborative Webinar Case Studies
Applied Solutions’ Technical Advisory Council holds periodic online collaborative webinars to leverage the expertise of local government staff to support the design, development and implementation of energy, water and transportation public projects. Each webinar is captured in a case study format and shared with all Applied Solutions members.