Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Shines
Named by the Department of Energy one of 25 Solar American Cities, Milwaukee continues to invest in solar power as source of energy and economic development for the city. The city’s solar program, Milwaukee Shines, is working with local solar equipment providers, financial institutions and non-profits to develop simple, low cost solar energy projects for local homeowners.

Through the program, homeowners can take advantage of low-interest loans from a local credit union (currently at rates as low as 4.75%) to install solar systems on their homes for either electricity or hot water. Milwaukee Shines has negotiated with local solar panel producers to offer a discount to local homeowners. It has identified certified local installers and helps put homeowners in touch with local contractors who can do both the energy assessments and install the systems.

By focusing on local investments, Milwaukee shines is helping to establish a growing local solar industry as a source of jobs. The low-interest loans help ensure that homeowners save money while also cutting down on pollution.

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