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St. Louis SAVES
Many energy efficiency investments will more than pay for themselves over time, but the up front costs often represent a significant hurdle for businesses and particularly for homeowners. Officials in St. Louis County, Missouri, took a two-pronged approach to overcoming this problem, combining two sources of funds to create a program to allow homeowners to invest in energy efficiency to lower their bills and increase the comfort of their homes.

The program, St. Louis SAVES, connects homeowners to qualified contractors to assess the efficiency of their homes and develop a menu of efficiency options. The program will also help homeowners identify and take advantage of existing rebates and other incentive programs. Most importantly, it offers low interest loans of up to $15,000 at 3.5% to homeowners with good credit to finance the projects, and the projects are designed so that the energy savings more than cover the loan repayment so that homeowners see lower costs of living from Day 1.

To make the program work, the County created a $10 million fund capitalized by the County’s allocation of Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds. To keep make borrowing costs even lower, the County used a grant from the Department of Energy to help offset administration and other costs of the program (for more information on QECBs, see our guidebook.

By simplifying the process and lowering costs of efficiency investments, St. Louis County Saves aims to help upgrade over 1,000 for energy efficiency.

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