Coconino County, AZ

Water and Energy Efficiency Efforts
Coconino County, Arizona has been dedicated to water and energy conservation for several years. In 2001, the County led the creation of a regional partnership called the Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council; this group addresses current and long -term water supply issues through science, policy and public awareness. The 2003 Coconino County Comprehensive Plan includes a Water Element and Energy Element, supporting energy and water conservation as well as water reuse and renewable energy in community development projects. These efforts were further strengthened with the adoption of a Sustainable Building Program in 2003. The Coconino County Sustainable Building Program offers consultation, awards, resources, and educational opportunities on energy and resource efficient building practices. The County has also used the program as a resource internally. The Facility Department has performed efficiency retrofits in county buildings, such as upgrading lighting and installing water-saving fixtures. Coconino County is in the process of installing solar panels on four County buildings, offsetting about one-third of the County's total electrical consumption. This solar project is being facilitated through a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement and has an estimated utility savings for the County of 2.3 million dollars. Coconino County's efforts demonstrate that government can save money through the incorporation of sustainable methods like energy and water efficiency.

Coconino County Sustainable Building Program